Healthcare Consulting Services

Healthcare Consulting is a consolidated service designed to address the major operational challenges of all healthcare providers:

  • Physician and mid-level provider integration and/or practice consulting
  • Reimbursement consulting
  • Compliance and corporate integrity
  • Healthcare analytics
  • Healthcare IT solutions

Most providers monitor various performance metrics with a close eye on the bottom line. However, with patient care as the top priority of every healthcare provider, it can be difficult to address the constant changes in cost, declining reimbursements, changes in procedure coding, and increased vigilance by State and Federal authorities concerning corporate compliance.

LBMC has many professionals with a wealth of healthcare industry experience in varying c-suite roles. Clients who partner with LBMC find the practical expertise to improve operational performance and boost the bottom line all in a culture of compliance.

Our goal is to offer the healthcare community one firm with the expertise and practical application needed to address the operational challenges of today’s healthcare environment. Our objective is to help clients succeed, thereby indirectly impacting the financial stability of healthcare providers.

Provider Integration Strategy

LBMC takes a very sensible approach to strategy and business planning for healthcare providers. We understand that healthcare organizations are looking for specific and practical answers when it comes to the direction(s) they should consider. We work with our clients in determining and evaluating opportunities that position them as the leaders in their marketplace.

We are dedicated to ensuring the long-term success of our clients. Not only do we assist clients with developing strategies, but also provide on-going assistance to ensure that adopted strategies are implemented successfully. LBMC offers the following suite of strategic and business planning services to meet the ongoing needs of our clients:

  • Strategic Plans
  • Strategic Market Assessments
  • Compensation Modeling
  • Provider/Practice Assessments
  • Managed Care Strategies and Payor Contracting
  • Income Guarantee Arrangement Administration
  • Provider Needs Assessments

LBMC’s professionals have the expertise and hands-on practical experience to provide successful business strategies and plans that can ultimately lead to client success.

Executive Team

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Andrew McDonald

Shareholder, CEO/President, Physician Business Solutions, LLC and Healthcare Consulting

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